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+ than 25 years with you

Since 1997, we have been passionately dedicated to the world of footwear. With almost two decades of experience, we offer a wide selection of well-known national and international brands. Our goal is to provide our customers with exceptional customer service, competitive prices, and unmatched quality in every pair of shoes we offer.

Don’t waste more time looking for shoes in different stores. Come visit us and discover why we are the preferred choice of so many families. We are waiting for you with the best shoes and exceptional service!

Spanish artisans

At Atarip, we are proud to present our method of creating high-quality footwear, where each pair of shoes is a handcrafted masterpiece.

From the careful selection of the best materials to the meticulous attention to detail, each stage of the manufacturing process reflects our commitment to excellence. Our highly trained craftsmen fuse skill and passion to create shoes that combine durability, comfort, and style.

Each seam and each finish is carried out with precision, ensuring an impeccable final product. Our goal is to offer our customers an unparalleled experience, where each step taken with our shoes is synonymous with quality and distinction.

Nuestras marcas

Marcas con las que trabajamos